App watch dog recover sshipsecpm dead

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Hello, i have this problem today with 3 security appliances. What can i do to stop this problem. Because all my VPN connections disconnects.

I hope someone has the solution for me

USG Flex 700 with the latest firmware


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  • Cyrill_U
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    I have the same. Log message "App watch dog recover sshipsecpm dead" - and all incoming l2tp are falling down. At least two devices confirmed - ATP500 [V5.36(ABFU.1)] and Zywall 110 [V4.73(AAAA.1)]. Fix urgently needed.

  • Cyrill_U
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    I must admit things got lil bit more stable after blocking out traffic [Any to ZyWall] from some definitely unwanted geo destinations like Asia and Africa.

  • SStep
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    Faced the same problem.

    Zywall 310, 110

  • ZdenekB
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    same problem ZyWALL 110

  • Ludovic_D
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    Same problem here on a Zywall E310 !

  • StefanZ
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    Not sure if it is related, but I recently got two instances of some asian IPs establishing more than 1000 connections (unclear how) and my FLEX50 rejected any additional connections from them.

    As for the VPN ports:
    I added rules for those ports to only accept certain countries as clients.

    This sure ain't perfect security, but it keeps out 90% of the requests that surely are fake/malicious. Especially on a level of "IP1 scans possible VPN Servers that answer on Port UDP500 and later IPs2-200 try to bruteforce your appliance over the cause of 3 weeks".

    Obviously your clients will have to announce regional changes in advance, so you open up geolocations for them to connect from.

  • Zyxel_Tobias
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    We are aware of the issue and we are working on a fix. Next update in around 1h.



  • Unfiniti
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    Following the incident that occurred this morning, we would like to provide our feedback. Several of our clients experienced a loss of VPN connection. The issue had various consequences for the clients, including incorrect password for the graphical interface, slow graphical interface performance, and VPN unavailability. In order to resolve these issues for all clients, we recommend performing a software update on the Zyxel device and restarting it.

  • LucaPapaleo
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    I can confirm, with geo-ip filtering no problem at the moment


  • Remon
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    Hello Tobias, i had you on the phone this morning your workaround is now the solution for my problems.

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