New to Zyxel a I have a NWA210AX Correct PoE Injector?

I have just purchased a NWA210AX AP and a Zyxel PoE 12-30W [UK] PoE+ injector.

I have never used PoE before and I am concerned that I might damage the NWA210AX with this adaptor' The AP stated 12v input [I know from the provided wall adaptor], yet the PoE adapter states 55v. I am a little confused.

Is this PoE injector safe to use with my NWA210AX?

Thank You.

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    You have the right PoE+ the AP runs at a higher voltage by PoE+ injector then normal PSU at 12V

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    Hi @JemTheWire ,

    Both Zyxel PoE 12-30W injector and NWA210AX are compatible with the same PoE standard as 802.3at.
    The higher voltage PoE injector helps to ensure that sufficient power reaches the device. NWA210AX will then regulate this voltage down to a level it can use (12V). There's no need to worry about damaging your NWA210AX with this PoE injector.
    Actually, Zyxel PoE 12-30W injector is suggested to supply power for NWA210AX. You can refer to Zyxel PoE 12-30W for more details.