USG60 FW Upgrade

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I tried to update a USG60 device but it doesn't work via web interface, USB, FTP.

On FTP i get this errorr message: "update failed: Success"

Is there any other way to upgrade?

ftp> put c:\473AAKY2C0.bin

200 PORT command successful

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 473AAKY2C0.bin

226-firmware verifying...

226-firmware updating...

226-Please Wait about 5 minutes!!

226-Do not poweroff or reset,

226-system will reboot automatically after finished updating.

226 Transfer complete.

226-update failed: Success

226-update failed!!

226 Transfer complete

ftp: 138708649 bytes sent in 37.34Seconds 3714.75Kbytes/sec.

ftp> quit

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