[Release Note] Nebula Security Gateway Series - Phase 5 firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway Series

Release Note

September, 2018

Firmware Version on all models
Zyxel NSG50 - V1.25(ABHP.2)
Zyxel NSG100 - V1.25(ABEA.2)
Zyxel NSG200 - V1.25(ABLD.2)

New Feature and Enhancements

  1. Site-to-Site VPN now supports Server-and-Client Nebula VPN Topology.
  2. Non-Nebula VPN “Public IP” now supports FQDN
  3. Non-Nebula VPN now supports network availability customization.
  4. Non-Nebula VPN now supports IKE aggressive mode.
  5. Non-Nebula VPN peers now can be configured independently from nebula to nebula VPN peers.
  6. [beta] VPN monitor topology is added.
  7. L2TP over IPsec client now supports to establish connection to the Gateway stay behind of another NAT router.
  8. Virtual Server now supports port range and group.
  9. Added DNS Domain Zone Forwarder function.
  10. Support sending Gateway Traffic Log to syslog server.
  11. Added “Firmware upgrade done” log.
  12. Added “Session limit” log.

  1. To all users when upgrading Nebula devices, please make sure your device is connected to the control center and internet.
  2. During the upgrade process (notice the LED will flash in red rapidly), make sure the power is not inturruped or disabled, in the unlikely event of this happening, you may have to perform the upgrade again.
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  • Tony
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    We have upgraded the NSW100 but do not see the port range. Is there something that we are missing? 
  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Hello @Tony
    If you want to use the port range for instance from 5060 to 5080 then just type 5060-5080 in port column. :)

  • RUnglaube
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    @Tony , worked for me, using the hyphen and comma in the public and local port

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  • Tony
    Tony Posts: 4  Freshman Member
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    thank you!!!!!