NWA50AX Pro compat with NWA50AX


in standalone mode, standalone config (no nebula), both running the same SSIDs

Would adding an NWA50AX Pro work together with my current setup as a third ap ?




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  • Zyxel_Judy
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    Hi @Sh4rki3 ,

    In standalone mode, if you have two NWA50AX APs running the same SSIDs, you can certainly add an NWA50AX Pro as a third AP to your existing setup.

    To make the NWA50AX Pro to work seamlessly with the other APs, and clients can do roaming, please ensure that you configure it with the same SSIDs, security mode as the existing NWA50AX access points. There should be a 15% to 20% overlapping coverage between those devices.

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  • Sh4rki3
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    One floor two houses built together side-by-side. 11 meter between NWA50AX nr.1 and NWA50AX nr.2 and 11 meter between NWA50AX nr.2 and the last ap. Thinking of NWA50AX - 11 meter - NWA50AX Pro - 11 meter - NWA50AX. So the Pro sits in the middle.