Firewall upgrade from USG60 - USG Flex 500 - Now loads websites very slowly first time

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Hello, we've recently had a customer get a third broadband line. We've replicated the settings from their USG60 onto a USG Flex 500.

We're dialing in through PPPoE on all 3 of these lines, the speeds of the lines all work great, it's just the loading of websites for the first time is taking anywhere from 10 - 30 seconds. Once it's loaded the website it will work completely fine.

I can't seem to figure out as to why this is happening. At first we thought it was a DNS issue, however in CMD we can resolve websites instantly, not only this but we've tried setting our DNS server to be in the DNS settings for the firewall and also settings to be the DNS server on the local machine.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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    Hi @sapien,

    USG FLEX 500 have more security features than USG60 such as Reputation Filter and Sandboxing. You can check if there any blocked messages in the log and try to disable some security features temporarily.

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