Radius COA functionality to deauth clients immediately?

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One feature I was a bit sad to see missing overall in the wireless platform was COA or Change of Authorization functionality. While most enterprises never get far enough into evolution to actually implement a NAC solution, most vendors do at least offer COA functionality to receive updates to deauthenticate a user.

Are there any plans to implement a COA function in AP's to work with NAC products like ISE, Clearpass, Packetfence, Forescout, or others? I had built an implementation of Packetfence, an open-source NAC solution to test with my Arista AP prior, but wireless testing with Zyxel won't be as viable without COA functions.

I still haven't found any good current CLI reference documents, is there a good way to remove/deauth clients via the CLI or an API method in standalone I can use in place of COA function directly in the AP?

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    Hi @mikebutash ,

    At the present, there is no CoA function on Standalone mode and cloud mode as well. We assume CoA functionality is also useful for other users, so, we would like to propose it as an idea for evaluation. You can find the link to the idea section below:

    Radius COA functionality on Zyxel AP — Zyxel Community

    Note that: Currently, there is not the CLI to kick clients as well.

    Thank you for using Zyxel products and service.