How do I connect my internet service to different VLANS on the GS1200-5?

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I have the following settings:
ISP modem @
home server @
Wi-fi router @

I thought the following settings in my Zyxel switch would treat the VID10 (internet) as essentially VID 20 and 30 on ports 2 and 3 respectively because I thought that untagged data would essentially be the same as native VLAN untagged at the designated port, but this does not seem to be working.

My end goal is to have a vlan for WAN traffic (VID 30), a vlan for my home server (VID 20), which is split up into more vlans after going through the firewall, each connected to internet (VID 10). Can someone explain how I can achieve this?

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    Hi @zola

    In order to assist you with your VLAN assignment, it would be helpful if you could provide us with your network topology. Please also share details such as the devices you have in your network, their connections, and any networking equipment you may be using.