NWA5123-AC-HD "has blocked by Prev-auth failed on channel" what does it mean?

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I try to connect one of my device to my WIFI.

This device has been previously connected to the same WIFI. The only thing which changed is the password.

This device is not able to connect. In the log files, I have tor this MAC Address:

  • XX:XX:XX:XX:XX has associated on channel Y
  • XX:XX:XX:XX:XX has blocked by Prev-auth failed on channel

What does it mean? Does it mean the password is incorrect? I copied, pasted it? Does it mean this device is blocked because it previously failed to log in? In this case, how can I reinit its state?

Thanks in advance for your help

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    Hi @mat17 ,

    The log 'prev-Auth Failed' means the authentication is not successful. It might be caused incorrect password or packet lost during doing the authentication. So, please check the key in authentication password or if there's high channel utilization at the issue happened time.

    Please forget/ delete the SSID profile on the client/station and key-in the correct password again or adjust the channel width to 20MHz & disable Avoid 5G DFS channel to prevent channel interference. And then check if it's successful to connect. 

    In case the issue still recurs, please collect the diagnostic file by going to Maintenance > Diagnostics > Diagnostics and provide for us via the private message with the client MAC address.

    Click this link to start: https://bit.ly/3R2Wx52


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    Thank you.

    Problem was from the device.