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Hello everyone, I have a problem with a customer who has an IPSEC site-to-site vpn configured for years and working. 
For business reasons the company only had to print from point A to point B and nothing else. 
Now they ask me to share a file but I realized that point B absolutely does not see A's network. 
What should I check. The two firewalls are: point A, ZyWALL 2 Plus.
Point B, Zyxel VPN2S.
Thanks for any help

Buongiorno a tutti, ho un problema con un cliente che ha una vpn site to site IPSEC configurata da anni e funzionante. 
Per motivi lavorativi l'azienda doveva solo stampare dal punto A al punto B e nient'altro. 
Ora mi chiedono di condividere un file ma mi sono accorto che il punto B non vede assolutamente la rete di A. 
Cosa devo controllare. I due firewall sono: punto A, ZyWALL 2 Plus.
Punto B, Zyxel VPN2S.
Ringrazio per eventuali aiuti

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  • MarkoD
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    You must use different subnets and you need to configure Policy rules on both sites:

    • Site A: Policy route A: Source = subnet A, target = subnet B, next-hop = VPN tunnel
    • Site B: Policy route B: Source = subnet B, target = subnet A, next-hop = VPN tunnel


  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi @Mattia_Tecnosoft_Srl ,

    Greeting Forum, Please kindly follow the link which MarkoD provided.

    If the issue persist, please feel free to raise up. thank you

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