VMG4825-B10A Security Settings- Block specific Ad Sites



I want to set up Ad Blocking for the following 2 sites. The instructions on Roku don't line up with the options I get on the VMG4825-B10A dashboard.

The instructions are to add these two sites to Block incoming.

How do I do that on this router? The Chapter 2 doesn't say how to do that. And I don't see how to add a website address coming in to my devices through the router.

ACL wants a source device and destination device in my network. No place to add a web addess.

The other options, I don't know how to use them/set them up.

Parental controls- Is that only for outgoing requests? I already put that in but I don't think that is what is needed.

These are the general instructions from Roku on how to slow down the ads coming into my devices.

"Log in to the router using your credentials and click on the “Advanced” tab (the process may differ depending on the router, but it’s pretty much the same).

Then select “Security, Access Control, or Filtering.” You should select the option to block websites, domain names, or keywords. Note depending on your router manufacturer, the blocking process will be different.

Then add that link to the list:



Thanks for Specific instructions on how to set this up using the ZyXEL interface.

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