Good afternoon,

Today I've setup a Flex 100 at a customers premises with default settings and static IP on the WAN port as given by the ISP.

The customer wants to mostly use the device as a VPN router to allow a few tablets to connect to the network and use a business application. I've setup 5-6 local users and went through the quick setup to create a new StrongSwan profile and all worked fine.

After a few hours the customer called me and told me that the internet and the local network was not working. I asked him to try to access the firewall using the local address but nothing happened.

I visited the premises and I found out that if the WAN was connected, the firewall would drop all connections and not work. I disabled policy control and everything works fine but I don't want to leave it like that.

Any ideas what might have gone wrong? Attached are the rules that are currently disabled.

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