Are we able to force NTP update on a NWA5123-AC-HD?

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I have a scheduled SSID.

Unfortunately, it wakes up earlier than expected: so clients connect to this SSID, but the related firewall rules are not enabled yet. And then it raises log alerts from the FW.

I suspect this is the AP time, which is not accurate. (Or at least, the FW is the NTP server for all devices except the AP).

So my question is: Is there a way to force synchronizing time from the AP?

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    Hi @mat17 ,

    We assume that there is the issue with Date/ Time setting. Please go to Configuration > System > Date/ Time to check whether you choose the correct Time Zone and the current Time and Date are correct. If not, please choose the Time Zone and click Apply

    If the issue still recurs after checking, please send us the Firewall's alert logs and diagnostic files of your Firewall and AP here or via private message.