usg 40 vpn ssl with secuextender - problem of connection

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the ssl vpn with secuextender ( for a few days no longer allows connection to devices inside the corporate network; the firewall has the latest firmware installed (4.73_2); by checking the firewall log the connection takes place regularly, the multi-factor authentication is also registered and authorized; doing the internal ping there is no response and obviously the remote desktop that is unable to connect. I have tested with different users from different places but I have no results. a few days ago I was connecting from my office even with different users, now I can't do it anymore. at the moment only one user can connect from home... but I don't know for how long. the firewall configuration, except for the firmware update, has not been touched, but at the moment I can't figure out where the problem is

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    Hi @cdacci ,

    Greeting Forum, Please kindly share diag-info by private message.

    I will do the further checking. Thank you

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