I cant setup dualband... USG20W-VPN Router

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Our small uncommercial organization just bought a  USG20W-VPN Router.
I have reaaly trouble setting up this router....
First of all, I try to setup a Wifi. It works fine with a 2.4Ghz-band. 
Also I'd like to setup another SSID / band with 5Ghz... 
I succeeded setting up a new SSID - but..... this is also 2.4Ghz... where do we do that? 
Please, I hope you can help us. Our TV does only have a 5 GHz network-adapter... 
Best regards 

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  • tquade
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    USG20W-VPN is single radio so you can have it operate on either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz but not both.


  • carjuth
    Its a pity .... Im glad that you could tell me that :-) 
  • LDI
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    Is that still the case with the USG20W-VPN?  Will it only connect on 2.4 and 5 even with two profiles?
  • Blabababa
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    I don't think so, you'll need to add external zyxel ap (managed by USG20W-VPN) to support this

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