If you think the content filter is not working as expected

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If you think the content filter has not worked the webpage as expected.


1) Please block QUIC Ports.

QUIC uses UDP port 80 and port 443. The complete TLS client Hello, including any TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) present, is sent in one or more CRYPTO frames across one or more QUIC Initial packets.

2) If there are multiple categories, as long as it matches one of them, it will be blocked.

For example, if block Streaming Media or Media Sharing. Youtube will be blocked.

Route>configure terminal

Router(config)# content-filter url-server test


result_all: Streaming Media, Media Sharing

HTTPS Domain Filter result_all: Streaming Media, Media Sharing

Botnet result_all: Not Found

The query takes: 1.000000 seconds

3) For HTTPS traffic we will check the content of SNI. Please check if there are managed URL in packets