Content Filter doesn't work on Windows 10 Chrome browser.

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Content Filter does work with IE of Windows 10 and all browsers on Windows 7.  But has some issue with Windows 10 Chrome browser: it couldn't block youtube.

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    Hi @hanfordwang,


    I run some tests and YouTube can be blocked using Chrome on Windows 10. Here are the test result for your reference.

    I’d like to check your configuration file on the USG/ZyWALL. I will send a private message to you later.


    ZyWALL 110: 4.32(AAAA.0)

    Windows 10 x64

    Chrome version: 69.0.3497.100


    Use custom profile plus SSL inspection to block YouTube.

    Use Domain Filter. Disable SSL inspection and custom profile.

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  • hanfordwang
    thanks a lot! I will try it.
    Actually I didn't use the Custom Service to block YouTube before, instead, I used "Managed Categories" with the same configuration as yours. It works OK with other systems like Windows 7, but not Chrome with Windows 10.

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