How to improve slow internet speed on outdoor devices managed from Nebula?

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The difference in internet speeds between indoor and outdoor devices could be due to several factors:

Wireless Signal Strength: The clients with lower than -70dBm often see a decrease in speed.

Interference: Elements like air or water can interfere with the signal and impact overall internet speed on outdoor devices.

Radio Band: The 5GHz radio band performs better in speed than the 2.4GHz.

To enhance the speed:

Consider relocating your Access Points (APs) for wider signal coverage and improved strength in outdoor areas.

Try to minimize obstructions and sources of interference near your APs.

Adjust the power settings. Lower the power of the 2.4GHz by 5dm more than the 5GHz, pushing more clients to connect via 5GHz.

Lower the Smart Steering value to -88dBm on both bands. Enable Band Select on SSID if your aim is to steer 2.4GHz clients to 5GHz.

Consider deploying an additional AP in areas with high client count during peak hours to prevent performance drops.