How to set up DDNS with DNS-O-Matic service on Nebula

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In case you do not have a static IPv4 address assigned to your WAN interface, you can use a free DNS-O-MATIC service to use a domain name that always resolves to your current dynamic IP address.

DNS-O-MATIC service

DNS-O-Matic is a free service for distributing your dynamic IP changes to multiple services (such as No-IP, dynu…) with a single update.

For example, I have a No-IP DDNS service for my USG FLEX dynamic IP address. Then I create a profile for my No-IP service on DNS-O-MATIC

Then I create a profile for my No-IP service on DNS-O-MATIC.

Input your hostname and the No-IP credentials in the profile

Configure Steps

Go to Firewall > Configuration > Firewall settings. Enable Dynamic DNS and select User customize as the DDNS provider.

-Input the DNS-O-Matic credentials to the DDNS account

-Input to the Domain name

-Input to DYNDNS Server

-Input to URL. Please note that the question mark is needed.

Test Result

Since the DDNS setting is edited, the device will send out update request to the DDNS server, then we can check the update result of the DNS-O-Matic and No-IP.

We also can check the DDNS-related logs by input the CLI command show logging entries keyword ddns