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My client bought a USG20-vpn appliance rather than a Ubiquiti USG appliance.

Since I got lemons, I'm making lemonde.

The Zyxel is now up and working and connected to a remote pfsense appliance for IPSec VPN.

The issue I have is I cannot figure out why I cannot ping remote hosts.

My other IPSec connections to other sites with the pfsense are working just fine.

Is there a rule or something not configured properly?

Here are the rules configured on the Zyxel.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi @Nappy_d,


    It is probably blocked by the pfsense and you need to create a Firewall Rule on pfsense.

    Navigate to Firewall / Rules / IPsec. Click on Add. Enter values as the following:


    1. Change Protocol to Any

    2. For Source select Network

    3. Enter the Subnet of USG.

    4. Enter a Description

    5. Hit Save & Apply Changes

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