How to Configure DNS Content Filter

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Compared to web content filter, DNS content filter is a stronger tool for SMB because it can restrict the number of attacks faced by network access, thereby helping to reduce the remediation workload of IT professionals.

DNS content filter intercept DNS request from client, check the domain name category and takes a corresponding action, reducing the risk of phishing attacks, and obfuscate source IPs using hijacked domain names. Fully customizable blacklist to ban access to any unwanted domains and prevent reaching those known domains hosting malicious content. This example shows how to configure DNS Content Filter to block users in the local network to access the gaming websites.

Set Up the DNS Content Filter
Go to Security Service > Content Filtering > For DNS Domain scan. Turn on this feature. Select Redirect IP for the Blocked Domain. If user selects the default, when client hits DNS Content Filter profile, the page will be redirected to block page

Add a new profile in Profile Management to block gaming websites.

Action: block
Log: log or log alert

Enable the checkbox of "Games" in managed categories.

Apply the profile to security policy. In this example, the profile is applied to security policy rule “LAN_Outgoing”.

Test the Result
Access a gaming website The gateway will redirect you to a blocked page.

Go to Log & Report > Log/Events and select Content Filter to check the logs.

Go to Security Statistics > Content Filter to check summary of all events.