How to Allow Public Access to a Server Behind USG FLEX H device?

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Here is an example of allowing access to the internal server behind USG FLEX H device with network address translation (NAT). Internet users can access the server directly by it's public IP address and a NAT rule will forward traffic from the internet to the local server in the intranet.

Here is an exmaple that the internet users would like to access the HTTP File Server behind the USG FLEX H

Set Up the NAT on the ZyWALL/USG

Go to Network > NAT, and click +Add to create a NAT rule.

- Input the rule name

- select Virtual Server

- Incoming Interface: ge1

- Configure the Source IP to limit the access by the Source IP. You may select Any

- Configure the External IP. Select Any to choose the ge1 interface IP as the external IP.

- Configure the internal IP. Click +Add Object to create an address object as a host which is the IP address of the internal server.

- Port Mapping Type: Select HTTP for both external and internal service.

Test the Result

Type into the browser, and it displays the HTTP service page.