Zywall usg 210 unexpected reboot.

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Hello everyone,

I will go straight to my problem.

I have a pair of zywall usg 210 (1 licence), that i used to work on high availability.

After a lot of unexpected reboots on high availability in the past 7 months, i made them stand alone (three months ago) and since then, i change from usg-a to usg-b by changing physical the cables from a to b.

The reason for doing it, is that i save 20 minutes of time (if usg reboots on high availabilty) and sometimes the second usg reboots again so my whole network is without internet access for more than an hour.

With a to b plan the network works again in a second but the users have to re-login or loose their work.

There are 13 tunnels with ATP-100s (licenced), 50-60 users that use internet access through web login of zywall and 20-40 vpn users.

All zyxels are on latest firmware (5.36(ABPS.2) for atp-100s and 4.73(AAPI.2) for usg210s). I have changed everything (power supplies, 3rd usg 210, checked line line the conf, the isp-s hardware, switches).

The logs even on usb, have lots of access block from trusted sites, some errors on p1 packet drop, but not too much info on the time the reboot takes place.
From serial port on putty, i haven't see anything. Maybe i don't see anything because i am not a network mechanic. I am an amateur sysadmin.

There are days that both usgs keep rebooting, and i have noticed that if i reload my conf again, the usg-b (unlicenced) stays up for max 3 days and usg-a (licenced) for 2 days.

P1 has my main wan1, p2 my backup wan2, p3 optional wan3, p4 is a main switch and p6 a guest vlan for wifi users.
During the reboots i have tried to remove all the ports to check if there is a problem with my isps, lan or wifi..nothing.

The latest firmwares and the conf reload trick, changed the situation to better for me but i still have to solve it.

The are two apc ups that power up the usgs. Cpu usage is ok even when dynamic policies change and most of users are connected. Memory usage 65-75%. Flash memory 74% after disk cleanup (was 84%).

There is no pattern on the reboots, sometimes is on morning when people connect to the usg. But it can be done at nights or through the day.

The other thing i have noticed, is that when it goes on a reboot, if i am connected through a VPN to my network, first i lose the web gui, then internet access and after 3-5 minutes i lose my vpn connection. If i am local, i lose web gui and then internet access, i have ping for 3-5 minutes with usg but i can't get access to it.

I think i have read everything about unexpected reboots on zyxel in forums etc, i did a disk cleanup etc. Is there any help any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

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    Hi @Andrik,

    We need console logs to analyze the root cause. Please connect console cable between USG210 and PC. Keep collecting console logs for a period time until the next abnormal reboot happens again.


    1. Open TeraTerm.
    2. Select "Log" to save all console logs to .txt file automatically.
    3. Change the debug level to 8. See the command in the video. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rmvs6ochs2tnuz/collect_console.wmv?dl=0
    4. Collect the logs until the next abnormal reboot happens. After the device reboot completely, stop the collection.
    5. Go to MAINTENANCE > Diagnostics > Controller > Collect Now. After the collection is done, go to Files and download the diagnostic file.
    6. Send both console logs and diagnostic file to me in private message.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    I have sent you the information you need in private message. After the reboot the usg didn't open the webgui in order to take the diagnostics. As you will see in the console logs, i had to take all wan-lan ports out and i plugged my laptop on usg's lan to take the diagnostics. I did that because from my experience, if the webgui won't open after the reboot, the usg will restart again…

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