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I'm accessing my local network through a VPN IPSEC tunnel, i can ping my USG 210 and every device on this network, i can telnet on 80/443 access it through SSH but i cannot access the Web GUI.

Above is the curl -L https://IP result

Above is the curl http://IP result

Can anyone give me some help on this troubleshooting ?

The other fact is that my ssh connection keep getting timed out for an unknown reason and i can barely do anything on CLI as a matter of fact.

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    Hello @Cent_Zyxel

    Welcome to the Zyxel community. While you cannot access the device's local Web-GUI, is there any blocked or dropped message that can be observed on the Monitor > Log > View Log? If so, it could be related to you haven't created a security policy that allows the IPsec VPN client IP address to access the USG210, please help to check the "IPSec_VPN_to_Device" related policy whether is enabled.

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