Which access point can withstand harsh outdoor environments?

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Zyxel offers several access points designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. They offer up to IP55 / IP67 industry-grade weather proofing and the capability to work in rain, snow and extremely high- or low-temperature conditions with humidity levels from 10% to 90% (non-condensing). Here are the models that are specifically designed for outdoor use:

  1. NWA55AXE

The NWA55AXE is a dual-radio outdoor PoE access point that supports the latest 802.11ax (WiFi 6) technology. It operates in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F). The NWA55AXE supports Zyxel's Smart Mesh Technology, which forms dynamic wireless links between APs for extended range and can bridge the wireless connectivity from one building to another.

2. WAX655E

The WAX655E is an AX5400 dual-radio outdoor access point that also supports WiFi 6 technology. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F). The WAX655E is designed to provide multi-gigabit wireless connectivity in large open areas, such as stadiums and parking lots. It is also equipped with Zyxel's Smart Mesh Technology. This feature allows for the creation of dynamic wireless connections between access points, extending the range of your network. Additionally, it can bridge wireless connectivity between buildings, providing seamless network access across different locations.

3. WAC6550 Series

The WAC6550 Series is a dual-radio unified pro outdoor access point that supports 802.11ac technology. It is designed for crowded public outdoor venues and operates in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) for WAC6552D-S model and -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) for WAC6553D-E model. The WAC6550 Series also features Zyxel’s smart antenna that dynamically changes signal patterns to mitigate interference and extend coverage.

Please note that these outdoor access points are powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet), which allows for a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power. Always ensure that your equipment is suitable for the environment in which it will be used.

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