[2023 July Tips & Tricks] What is Nebula Cloud Monitoring Mode?

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What is Nebula Cloud Monitoring Mode?

As your networks migrate towards a Nebula Cloud environment, it is important to simultaneously manage both on-cloud and on-prem devices. For example, upgrading the firmware of multiple devices can be a headache for resellers who manage multiple on-cloud and on-prem firewalls. Now Nebula provides a centralized platform for managing their devices and licenses by Cloud Monitoring Mode.

Nebula Cloud Monitoring Mode supports firmware upgrade operations, remote configurator*1, and device configuration backup/restoration*1. Gain site-wide visibility into the status of your Nebula-managed devices and licenses in one place with Nebula Control Center.

*: Support models: USG FLEX, ATP, and USG20(W)-VPN, USG FLEX H series (available in Q4 2023) operated in on-prem mode. *1: Access remote GUI, Backup and restore firewall configurations require Nebula Pro Pack.

Key Features:

The device's on/off status

Firmware upgrade operation

- Follow Nebula’s f/w upgrade design

Remote GUI (Nebula Pro Pack feature)

-Using a secure tunnel to log in to the device's local GUI

-Benefit is narrowing down the attack surface whenever there is administrative logon to the device from the Internet

Device config backup & restore (Nebula Pro Pack feature)

-Site-wide configuration backup & restore is supported

-Cross-org configuration backup & restore (Require Nebula MSP Pack)

Device license management

-Register, activate, transfer, and view device licenses

-Support only Nebula-applicable licenses i.e. Gold/UTM pack/CF Pack/Secure WiFi, while USG FLEX’s a la carte licenses are NOT supported