Breaking Boundaries and Galloping Towards Superior Connectivity for Belgian Dressage Stable

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Stal Haazen


“It's a huge advantage to have camera access from anywhere with internet, giving us peace of mind about the safety of our beloved horses. With the new network, we can train clients in other countries through video sessions on our tablets.”

Chris Haazen
Owner of Stal Haazen and
Trainer of International Para-Dressage Equip Team


As a prestigious dressage stable, everything seemed flawless except for the limitations imposed by their network infrastructure. Their objective is to provide a high-quality wireless network for visitors and support their students with recorded or live lessons.
However, the existing network fell short of meeting expectations. They require a new network covering a 40,000 sqm area, delivering high speed and low latency to facilitate video meetings, security cameras, and calving alarm systems within the pregnant mares' barn. Initially, they installed a wireless router in the main building, but the WiFi signals only reached the private garden. Extending the network to the stables proved challenging due to the harsh conditions and long distance. After a thorough evaluation, they embraced Zyxel's Nebula cloud networking solution to establish a reliable network.
Zyxel's splash-proof NWA55AXE outdoor access points were mounted on the outside walls of the stables and riding arenas to bridge the two buildings, seamlessly connecting the two buildings. These access points were designed to withstand extreme weather, enduring scorching summers and chilling winters alike. With WiFi 6 technology, users can enjoy fast and low-latency connectivity, ensuring an optimal wireless experience.
The GS1915-8EP switches provide power to the three access points through Ethernet cables and effectively distribute the LAN networking as required. The new network guarantees stable and secure connectivity for both employees and visitors. With Nebula acting as their guiding star, network management has become effortless, liberating the organization from concerns of slow speeds and interruptions.


  • Overcome long distances and severe weather to provide reliable WiFi connectivity
  • Deliver high-speed and low-latency connections to visitors
  • Streamline network management and ensure effortless client and guest connections


  • Stay connected without interruptions for stable online teaching and horse monitoring
  • Enjoy convenient access to a fast and secure network for employees and visitors
  • Experience efficient and hassle-free cloud network management

Products used

GS1915-8EP Smart Managed PoE Switch

NWA55AXE WiFi 6 Outdoor Access Point

NWA90AX WiFi 6 Access Point

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