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I've set up a site-to-site VPN between Site A (local Subnet and Site B (local Subnet Both Sites run a ZyWALL VPN 2S with latest firmware. I can access Subnet from Site B. But I wan't all traffic from Site B to pass Site A.

I tried the Option "Full tunnel (Force all traffic to cross the VPN tunnel to the remote site)". The result is no internet acess from Site B.

What do I miss?

Both ZyWALLs are behind NAT.

Screen Shot Site B with "Full tunnel" unchecked (uses local Gateway for internet access). Tried check the option -> no internet access.


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    Hi Emily, thanks for the response! Not the response I was hoping for but it answers my question;-) For my use case that would be a great feature. Ideas section sounds good. Thanks!

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