Howto change ip address of GS1910-24 ?

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I tried to change the ip address of my GS1910-24 via the Web interface, but no success. After clicking on "apply" the connection is gone. This is quite unterstandable, as the new address belongs to another network. But even if I connect the switch to the new network, I cannot connect to the new address. After rebooting the switch the old address is there again - as if the switch hadn't stored the new one.

Therefore I tried to change the ip address via console at the serial port.

# show ip interface brief

Vlan Address Method Status
---- -------------------- -------- ------
1 Manual UP

# configure terminal
(config)# interface vlan 1
(config)# ip address
(config)# ip route
(config)# exit
# exit
But even now the switch is not reachable with it's new address and - moreover - after a reboot, the old address is back again. Again, it looks like the switch would not store the new configuration. I haven't found a command like "store" or "save".
What is my mistake?

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @klaeuser,

    Regarding your description, it seems like you didn't change the IP address of your PC after applying the new IP address (different IP subnet) to your switch. Or your PC did not set a default gateway or default gateway cannot route to new subnet.

    Kindly remind you to change the IP address of your PC to the same subnet of your switch's IP address.

    In addition, the GS1910 only applies to running configuration after you click apply button. You need to manually save the configuration to the start-up configuration after applied.

    Zyxel Melen