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I have a USG Flex500, firmware V5.37(ABUJ.0) in native mode and I am unable to get a basic VLAN to functioning correctly. I've read countless articles, and watched multiple Zyxel videos, but still can't seem make it work.

The USG500 is connected to a TP Link SG1024DE smart switch. I have tested the switch by putting multiple workstations on the switch with in the same vlan 70 and they can all ping each other. However, I can not seem to make a workstation, ping the firewall nor receive a dhcp address.

I am using P5 on the Zyxel, base IP range 10.0.0.x with VLAN70 of 10.10.70.x. I have swapped the switch from untagged and tagged, but no combination has worked yet. Below is my configuration and layout. Maybe someone can point out what routing I've overlooked.

Any hints would be appreciated.

TP-Link SG1024DE Settings:

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    Hi @n00b ,

    Assume switch port 1 is a uplink port to flex. port 1-24 should assign to vlan 70

    port 2-24 set to untag, and set pvid 70 on port 2-24

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    Thank you for the assistance. I believe I was overthinking it.

    Here is the configuration that work in my TP-Link switch :)

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