Port 7 on my XGS1010-12 will no longer connect at gigabit speed

Shadow351 Posts: 1

I have 2 Zyxel XGS1010-12 switches, 1 in my office and 1 on a rack shelf in my server rack in the basement. This weekend while I was out of town, my network went down and became inaccessible. When I got home, I noticed that there were no link lights on for Ports 7 (1Gb to my router) and 11 (10Gb DAC to my server). I first swapped the 2 SFP+ connections, and they both linked at 10Gb. I then swapped the cable from my router with a new cable and it still didn't connect. I moved the cable from Port 7 to port 6 and it connected at 1Gb. I moved the cable back to port 7 and once again there is no link. I power cycled the switch and now it will link on port 7, but only at 100Mb. I tried moving devices and cables around, but this port will ow only connect at 100Mb. Is the port dead or is there some kind of 'reset' I can try? (power cycle doesn't seem to help)


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