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Cloud-based SecuReporter gives users actionable insights to keep networks safe remotely via its service portal or app

Taiwan, 17 October 2018

 The Zyxel SecuReporter (https://www.zyxel.com/SecuReporter) is a cloud-based intelligent analytics and report service with collection and correlation features designed for ZyWALL product lines. It provides network administrators with centralized view of network activities and potential threats within the entire network. You will not miss another alert or notification with the accompanied SecuReporter app.

SecuReporter Portal   https://secureporter.cloudcnm.zyxel.com/


Visibility platforms to pinpoint network security threats

The Zyxel SecuReporter provides a suite of analysis and reporting tools that includes network security threats identification/analysis, security services, security events, application usage, website usage, traffic usage, VPN status and Device Health status.

Custom Reporting for ZyWALL Security products

Customer can create custom reports that best fits what they’re looking out for. The customer can run report on-demand or on schedules (daily, weekly, and monthly), input their own logo, title, watermark, description, comments, and decide how they should be displayed.

Reduce capital expenditures, save operating expenses 

Zyxel SecuReporter is a cloud-based correlation and intelligence analytic services designed for VAR/MSP. No need for significant hardware investment, SecuReporter is capable of optimizing operating expenses by reducing waste while streamlining supervision and intervention operations. Cost reduction also comes from better sizing of central functions like network surveillance, analytics and reaction to alerts.


ZyWALL Series now offer 30 days of SecuReporter free trial


  • When can I start using the free trial?

On the 19th of Oct 2018 for ZyWALL series

  • What models are supported for SecuReporter?

USG40W, USG60, USG60W, USG110, USG210,


  • What firmware works with ZyWALL?

ZLD firmware with ZLD 4.32

  • How do I activate SecuReporter’s free trial 30 days?

1.          Login to MZC (https://portal.myzyxel.com/users/sign_in) with your account.

2.          Activate Trial

3.          Send log from your ZyWALL

4.          Login SecuReporter (https://secureporter.cloudcnm.zyxel.com/) to check analytics


 Zyxel SecuReporter Team