New Nebula Cloud Monitor Mode = (Sort of) Excellent!!!!

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Huge shout out to Zyxel for the new Nebula hybrid/cloud monitor mode that dropped in v5.37! We never could find our way to Nebula Mode because too much stuff was missing compared to on-prem configuration. But we really missed the ability to centrally monitor and manage the many gateways we have out there with clients. This is exactly what we were looking for - the ability to centrally monitor the gateways AND manage them via on-prem mode without having to setup VPNs. Not that a VPN setup was difficult - just a pain. But now (with a Pro pack) we can remotely SSH and configure the gateways directly from Nebula. No need to reset to defaults - just configure the Organization Nebula Key/ID in your FLEX/ATP and assign it to the site.

Here's the HOWTO:

Note - Gold Security Packs include Nebula Pro (and some UTM Bundles), but it doesn't auto activate. Click the green upgrade button (select to Pro Pack) in Licenses & Inventory Overview once you add a gateway to a site and it'll activate Nebula Pro from your current license. All the blue diamond features unlock.

Update - See below - seems like all this gets you is centralized mgmt access via Web/SSH tunnels. No stats, logs or metrics (at least I haven't seen any so far). That's disappointing. Can only hope it's on the roadmap. I mean why call it Monitor Mode if you can't actually monitor anything?

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