USG310 - Name Resolution on LAN via VLAN


Morning All,

I'm rather new to vlans, so I'll appreciate your patience.

I have the following scenario:

  • USG310
  • Aruba 1930 switch

I'm setting up vlans in a lab environment, and testing before I deploy to where it needs to go. For now I have just one vlan10.

  • vlan1 and vlan10 machines can see each other (which is great) but only by IP
  • ping between the same machines times out (IP not found), but connecting via RDP using the same IP works.

Where do I start looking for the solutions?

For ping, is it the firewall, or the clients blocks the ping?

For the name resolution - within USG310, I defined one of the DNS servers (the third drop down box) for vlan10 to the IP address of the Windows DHCP server but that doesn't seem to fix the issue. Should I rely on the hosts file on each client machine instead?

Also, in the lab I have all DHCP dished by the USG310 so things work fine, but in the production environment I also have a Windows DHCP server (SBS2011, to be decommissioned but not yet).

In the past, whenever I activated a DHCP server on any USG310 interfaces the Windows DHCP server would shut down. Is there a remedy for that?

In case this is too many questions on one post, I will break them down into separate posts.

Thank you.

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  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi @DeeZed ,

    Could you share your firewall settings by private message ?

    So everything is work fine by IP address but domain name ? For ping issue, please ensure you have allowed rule between vlans or computer's doesn't block ICMP.

    And please check your Windows DNS server have correct record if all client DNS will point to that

    Thank you

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