Implement OpenVPN on FLEX H series

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Before Begin

You already completed SSLVPN setting on GUI.

Edit Ovpn file

1)Please open notepad and paste the following then save with .ovpn extension. Here are Four Parts we need to fill in


1)A Part:

Fill in remote server address with port, For example: 10443

2)Access to Firewall by FTP and directory to /cert/sslvpn/

And GET the “client.crt” ”client.key” ”sslvpn_ca.crt” then open by notepad

B Part:

Fill in sslvpn_ca.crt as text format

C Part:

Fill in client.crt as text format

D Part:

Fill in client.key as text format

Import Ovpn file

You can connect SSLVPN now.

Note: Currently we do not support to download ovpn file from GUI or URL