Remove auto-activation of UTM-licenses

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Today I started with the configuration of a brand new customer network. This is done in our own office and the final installation on site will be mid-december. While going through the mandatory registration for the USG210, all UTM Licenses were immediately activated. Customer will now benefit from them only 11 months (1 month lost and one month trialperiod) instead of 12 months.

Request: stop auto-activation of licenses.

If I am able to install a device, I will most certainly be able to activate licenses. Stop deciding such things for me.
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  • Plats
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    They do not auto activate (except for the bug in SecuReport)
    When you register you can close the window before activating the UTM functions.
    It is however poorly designed as it seems like its a required step to activate it.
  • Eric_
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    Hello Plats, thanks for the comment.
    What you described, I already used a few times but this time it was different.
    I started the USG210, went through this annoying assistant and came to the registration. opened the portal, signed in, entered an identification so I see what device belongs to what customer and pressed next. The following message was (not exact text): all activated" and the registration was completed. No chance to jump over the UTM license activation.

    Assistants are good if you want to use them, I find them a pain, just after this registration I registered a NXC2500 and had to perform a setup assistant before i could start with it. It setup my wireless but I could no longer change the radio-names, select securityprofiles or changethe ssid profilenames. I had to go to CLI to get rid of this useless junk. 30 Minutes lost, again.
    Zyxel does not seem to care since more and more of such "help" seems to be implemented. This has to be optional, not mandatory.