Problems with HA

For a while it says that synchronization is in progress, and then it is interrupted

when syncing HA, someone encountered such a problem, all the conditions are met, but the sync does not work and these are the errors on the primary zywall (latest firmware)

2023-08-14 22:13:44


File Manager

ERROR: #show _zldmib port-grouping, Parse error/command not found!


2023-08-14 22:13:44



ZySH daemon is busy

the passive device feels like it's constantly rebooting

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  • Or maybe the fact that the passive device was previously tied to another Zywall? Well, in another branch, then we dismantled the bundle and sent it to other offices, after which we made a preliminary binding of the XA stack on the zyxel website, should it work for me? Or do I need to write to zyxel to reset the activation on those devices?

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    Hi @nikita92,

    If the device (For example: device B) has been configured HA with another device (For example: device A) previously, remember to reset the device by pressing "RESET" button on the device(device B) completely before you deploy HA on it with the new device (For example: device C).

    About HA sync issue, Please follow the steps to collect trace log.

    1. The heartbeat port must be default configuration. Do not change any setting or zone setting on the heartbeat port (the last port).
    2. Run full sync on the passive device. Enter the command on the passive device via console or SSH. Make sure the passive device runs full sync successfully.
      Router> device-ha2 sync_from_active
    3. If the HA sync failed, enter the command on the passive device and collect all logs for us.
      Router> show device-ha2 trace-log

    Thanks for your help!

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