Tuning peformance of SSL Inspection

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When you turn on the feature, the response speed is very slow when you access website for the first time, especially when the website has multiple links at the same time.


1)Install 5.37 wk30 and perform the following command:

Router# debug content-filter cache activate

Router# debug content-filter cache show

→output should: Cache Original: No


The original mechanism is to cache "Full URL", those commands turn off this mechanism and only do "Domain match", so the accuracy may be reduced.

For example, the following URL will all match to "serach engine"

https://a.search.com/ ==>ori category: serarch engine

https://a.search.com/ad/sample.html ==> ori category: advertisement

https://a.search.com/ad/lootbox.php ==> ori category: phishing

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