[2023 August Security Monthly Express] Zyxel firewalls support SafeSearch

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SafeSearch, such as Google SafeSearch, is primarily designed to provide a safer browsing experience, especially in environments where users may want to avoid explicit or inappropriate content like workplace or educational environments. In ZLD5.37, Zyxel firewalls support SafeSearch from Google, YouTube, and Microsoft Bing for a safer browsing experience.

What’s Google SafeSearch?

When SafeSearch is enabled, Google's search algorithm filters out explicit images, videos, and websites from the search results. It helps to prevent access to content that may be sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise deemed inappropriate. SafeSearch can be particularly useful in any environment where a more restricted browsing experience is desired.

What’s the difference between SafeSearch and Content Filtering?

SafeSearch specifically filters search engine results to remove explicit or adult content, while content filtering refers to a broader range of mechanisms that can filter or block specific types of content based on predefined rules or policies. SafeSearch is typically a feature within search engines, while content filtering can be implemented at various levels, including network-level solutions like firewalls or on individual devices.

To ensure users have a more productive and appropriate online experience. Zyxel’s DNS Content Filter enforces Google, YouTube, and Microsoft Bing SafeSearch functionality providing an extra layer of protection, even if they are not actively using SafeSearch in their web browsers.

How to enable SafeSearch in my firewall?

SafeSearch now is available for on-prem firewalls and please upgrade to ZLD5.37 before enabling SafeSearch.

Go to the device’s GUI and then click Configuration> Security Service> Content Filter> DNS Content Filter> Click your profile or add a new profile

Check “Enable SafeSearch” and select the level of YouTube Access restriction

Supported Models: ZyWALL ATP Series/ZyWALL USG FLEX Series/USG FLEX 50 (USG20-VPN)/USG20W-VPN/VPN Series