[2023 August Tips & Tricks] SCR 50AXE: How to Enjoy Guest WiFi in Minutes

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Do you want to provide internet access to your customers or guests without compromising your network security? Do you want to create a positive impression and build loyalty with your visitors? Do you want to leverage your WiFi network for marketing and customer insights?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Guest WiFi. Guest WiFi is a separate network that allows non-employees, such as customers or guests, to connect to the internet without accessing your main network. Guest WiFi is easy to set up, secure, and beneficial for your business.

How it works

Guest WiFi works by creating a separate SSID (network name) on your wireless access point that is reserved for guests. SCR 50SXE’s Guest WiFi is separated from your main network using VLANs (virtual LANs), which are logical parts of a network that divide traffic based on rules. This means that guests cannot access your internal resources located in the main network, such as servers, printers, or files, and vice versa. This secures and protects both networks.

Advantages of Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi can enhance your customer experience and retention. It allows you to provide free internet access, helpful information, and customized offers to your visitors. It also enables you to gather some data for marketing and service optimization. With SCR 50AXE, you can set up the Guest WiFi in minutes, enjoy it for hours, and benefit from it for years.

How to set up Guest WiFi in SCR 50AXE with Nebula

Go to Configure > Security router > Interface

Click “+Add” under LAN interface. Fill in the Interface name and VLAN ID. Assign the IP address and Subnet mask, then click “Ok

Turn the “Guest” switch button to green light, then click “Save”.

Go to Configure > WiFi SSID settings

Turn the “Advanced mode” button to the green light.

Click “+Add SSID network”, fill in the Name, enable the “Guest Network”, then click “Save”.

Click “Edit” to enter in the SSID advanced settings.

Setting the password and assign the VLAN ID same as the previous step.

Click “Back”.

Click “Save” to complete.

We hope you enjoy our SCR 50AXE and we would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions. Your valuable feedback helps us improve our product experience for users.