GS1900 Static MAC not working as expected


I just installed a GS1900 24 port switch. Very pleased so far.

I want to have a certain machine always assigned a certain VLAN. I tried using the Static MAC function, but it does not appear to be working.

Config → MAC Table → Static MAC → Add

I added the Mac Address of the client, I set the VLAN I want the client to be on, and I set the port to the port the client will connect to.

Each time I restart the client, it connects to the DHCP server via the PVID VLAN, not the VLAN I set in the static MAC.

Under Monitor → MAC Table I see two entries of my MAC address. One says the correct VLAN and type is Static Unicast. The other entry is the PVID VLAN and the type is Dynamic.

Any ideas? Is there any way I can associate an MAC address with a specific VLAN each time it connects?


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