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We recently bought a USG60 Firewall here at work following a power supply on a DLink Firewall blowing during a power cut.

I have managed to set up some things including the Active Directory link and also allow in the port for Active Sync to the Exchange server.

What I would like, and cannot seem to get to work, is that the Policy Rule for the Active Sync to check via the Active Directory that the user is an authorised staff member before they get the HTTPS link to the exchange server when connecting from their mobile phones.

The Active Directory link works when you test it using a user name of "User" but not with the "domain\User" that is used in the setup connection for the mobile phones to the exchange server.

Is there any way of doing this or am I trying to be more secure than is neccesary?

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    Hi @flookyk,


    Do users in LAN get authentication by AD server through USG60 or the AD server is used only for Active Sync with Exchange server?

    We need more information about the scenario and application.

    I will send you what information we need in the private message.

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