[ATP/FLEX] Unable to disable security services on nebula because Gold/UTM pack license is expired

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The Gold/UTM security pack license on my device is expired but I cannot turn off security services on nebula. It still shows enabled. How to turn off security services while Gold/UTM security pack license is expired?

Although it shows "enabled" on the nebula, nebula does not push "enabled" for security service when the device has no security license. Actually, the "enabled status" of each security service is "false" on the device. You can access to the device via SSH or console and enter the following commands to check if each security service is disabled.

Router > debug sdwan show dns-filter running-config
Router > debug sdwan show anti-botnet running-config
Router > debug sdwan show idp running-config
Router > debug sdwan show anti-malware running-config
Router > debug sdwan show ip-reputation running-config

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