Why my switches cannot connect with a DAC cable?

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Zyxel XGS/XMG/XS series switch supports SFP+ and DAC-10G on fiber ports. To ensure your network stability, the media type of the port should match the cable you are using.

If the media type is mismatched, the connecting ports might not be linked up.

This FAQ will guide you on how to change the port media type.

The configuration path is based on v4.80 firmware.

Configuration path:

Port > port setup to find the connecting port and change the Media type.

The Default Media type is SFP+.


Go to monitor > port status to check if the port links up.

P.S. You might have a chance to meet the port link up when the media type is SFP+, but you use a DAC cable to connect. However, the link might go down or cause unexpected errors since the signal is different between SFP+ and DAC cables.

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