Use 2 or more WAN ports (different providers)

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Hello. Please help me with this problem: we want to use two providers ZyWall1100. On the first provider, one part is vlan, and on the second, the other part is vlan. The problem is that there is a server on the network that should use the channel of the second WAN, and the rest of the first WAN. Help, how can this be divided? On the first WAN, we have a https site, we wanted to do SSL VPN on the second channel.

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    On USG1100 you can create a Policy Route
    Incomming: Interface (Select your Interface on which server1 is)
    Source Address: Set to Object which describes the IP of the server1
    Destination: Any
    Next-Hop Type: Interface (Select your desired WAN Port through which server1 should go)

    If you talk about a kind of load balancing then you first need to create a trunk (Network > Interface > Trunk) and add a new User configuration. Then add your both WAN ports.

    Then in Next-Hop (Policy Route) select Trunk and your defined Trunk.

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