[ATP/FLEX] How to configure a DNS server on the remote VPN site?

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In this scenario, there are specific resources on a local domain in the HQ site and want to reach them from the remote sites (branches). Set "This Gateway" as the DNS server for the Branch Firewall

  1. Set "This Gateway" as the DNS server for the Branch Firewall
    Go to Site-wide > Configure > Firewall > Interface, and select "this gateway" as the first DNS server on LAN. Please make sure the DNS server is located on the remote VPN subnet.
    This step is to make the DNS requests go to the firewall, and then the firewall has to handle the DNS requests. In the next step, we will configure where the branch firewall should forward the DNS requests.
  2. Configure the DNS server for the branch firewalls.
    Go to Firewall > Configure > Firewall Settings, and add a new Domain Zone forwarder to forward to domain to the DNS server. Set Interface as Auto for forwarding the domain to the DNS server through the VPN tunnel.

How to test the result

Connect a PC to the branch LAN to run nslookup to check if the PC can resolve the domain name.
nslookup example.local