Empowering Italian International School with Future-ready, Intelligent Cloud Networking Solution

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ICS Milan International School


“The project has been a tremendous success. One of the most significant hurdles was establishing a reliable and robust wireless connection capable of handling the daily load of a thousand WiFi-connected devices. We had to carefully select products tailored to the school's specific needs. Thanks to Zyxel's solution, the school now enjoys high performance and seamless coverage throughout all five floors of the building, effectively avoiding overload situations.”

Alessandro Pagani
IT Solutions Architect and Lead, ELEVA


ICS Milan International School aimed to deliver an innovative teaching experience by refreshing its existing network. They sought seamless campus-wide coverage, accommodating numerous users simultaneously. Enhancing video surveillance, projectors, and conference systems was crucial, as was implementing a Layer 3 network for high performance. They desired a future-proof, user-friendly infrastructure with minimal maintenance. After a thorough evaluation, the school chose ELEVA as their reliable partner and opted for Zyxel's Nebula solution, which perfectly fulfilled their requirements. Nebula is a comprehensive cloud networking management platform that seamlessly integrates network switches, access points, and intelligent cybersecurity firewalls, allowing centralized management with enhanced visibility across all hardware devices. The school constructed a reliable network with an L3 aggregation switch in the basement and edge switches on each floor, connecting and powering devices. The improved infrastructure enhanced data transmission efficiency and optimized resource allocation, resulting in smooth learning experiences, enhanced video surveillance services, and improved overall network efficiency. Zyxel's Advanced Threat Protection Firewall, empowered with smart cloud intelligence, ensures comprehensive protection against cyberthreats, including future unknown attacks. Now, the school enjoys stable connectivity and future-ready infrastructure amidst evolving technology and requirements.


  • Support and manage wireless connections for a large number of users acrossthe campus while ensuring cybersecurity protection
  • Integrate various IT, security, and conference systems into a centralized network


  • Nebula provides an easy way to manage, monitor and configure all network devices
  • ATP700 firewall ensures secure internet connections and network protection
  • WiFi 6 access points offer high-speed network performance to students and teachers
  • Robust network switches enhance network efficiency and reliability

Products used

XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch

GS1920-24HP Smart Managed PoE Switch

XGS1930-52HP Lite-L3 Smart Managed PoE Switch

ATP700 Firewall

NWA110AX WiFi 6 Access Point

More Information

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