BPDU Ctrl modes: which one is BPDU Flooding? What do the others mean?

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I have a XMG1930-30HP and a XS1930 switch (both with L3 license; both on current firmware 4.80, most current patch release from July) and try to get multiple Sonos S1 speakers working/connecting on them only connected with Ethernet cable. Following the Sonos guide I have to activate BPDU Flooding.

The two Zyxel switches do not offer something called "BPDU Flooding" in there management interfaces.

In PORT > Port Setup menu I have "BPDU Ctrl" which probably covers that, but the available values are: Peer, Tunnel, Network, Discard. Does one of them realize "BPDU Flooding", so that BPDU Packets are forwarded to all other ports?

Or how exactly is the behaviour for the three modes Peer, Tunnel, Network? The handbook does not really answer that.

I would have imagined:

  • Peer: Processed in the switch. Makes only sense together with activated RSTP/MRSTP/MSTP. So switch eats the BPDU packets and does something with them on its own for STP configuration. Or what else could it do?
  • Tunnel: This sounds like closest to BPDU Flooding. But where is it tunneled to? To all ports or only to other ports configured for "Tunnel"?
  • Network: Special version of "Tunnel" mode, which adds VLAN awareness ???

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    Hi @StefanNetworker,

    To meet your requirements, please choose Tunnel mode in "BPDU Ctrl."

    Tunnel mode didn't work because the "Bridge Control Protocol Transparency" was off.

    Please access SYSTEM > Switch Setup to turn on "Bridge Control Protocol Transparency."

    In addition, here's a simplified explanation of BPDU control for your reference

    Peer: The switch will process the BPDU when received on this port, and it won't be forwarded/flooded to other ports.

    Tunnel: The switch won't process the BPDU when received on this port. It will be forwarded/flooded to other ports.

    Network: The switch will process the BPDU when it comes without a VLAN tag, and forward/flood to other ports when it comes with a VLAN tag.