Two internet connections with two vlans

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I have an gs1900-48 with this firmware V2.40(AAHN.1)_20180705.
I have two internet providers and i want to make two separate vlans each with it`s own internet conn.
Because i want them separately i didn`t create a trunking port.
Vlan1 (default) is with all the corresponding ports untagged and excluded for the vlan2 ports.
Vlan2 have 2 ports tagged and the rest are excluded(or forbidden) for vlan1.
For vlan2 i have a router which provides dhcp but can`t receive traffic(including arp`s) and the port to the router is configured with pvid for second vlan2 and like i said no trunking.
It is possible to have 2 lines of internet and two vlans totally separated?

Thank you.

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  • JonasTan
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    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    The goal can be achieved.
    Based on your description, please be ensure that the router is tagged out VLAN2 to GS1900-48.
    Or if the router is untagged out, you may just change the GS1900-48 port connected to the router to untagged and PVID 2.

    Hope it helps.
  • Razvan
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    Tnx for the reply but ... this is my config:
    and the vlan2 ports
    port 27 - internet
    port 28 - lan --> pc (network card is set for auto)
    If i connect the pc straight from router it works so dhcp on router works.
    I don`t know .. maybe i am missing something.
    Thank you.
  • Razvan
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    No traffic from port 27 (router) is coming out or is not routed to vlan2 ports accordingly.
    If i set this:
    from port 28 i connect to vlan1 and internet. So this does not provide any restrictions.
  • Thank you.
    So.. the config is like this (the one that worked for me):
    All the vlan2 ports are forbidden in vlan1 config (but don`t think is necessary. excluded are ok too i think)
    In vlan2 config all ports are set to untagged and in port config are set with pvid 2(for vlan2 in my case) and voila works like a charm.
    Thank you very much for answers.