Why ZON cannot find other switches when I connect to XGS2220/XMG1930?

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ZON uses multicast packets to find the Zyxel devices when scanning.

XGS2220 and XMG1930 will not forward this multicast packet to other devices if the unknown multicast is set as "drop".

Users have two options to find the other devices on ZON:

  1. Change the unknown multicast from drop to flooding.
  2. Create an ACL rule to redirect the traffic to the uplink port.

This FAQ will guide how to create the ACL rule for this case.


This FAQ uses XMG1930-30HP as an example.


  1. Please navigate Menu > Security > ACL > Classifier > Classifier Setup to add a classifier. Detailed information is in the screenshot below.
  2. Navigate Menu > Security > ACL > Policy Rule to add a policy. Detailed information is in the screenshot below.


The ACL will redirect the ZON packets to the egress port, so the XMG1930 won’t receive the multicast and ZON will not display it.